About Us

MCubed Backpacks was founded by Mary, a school teacher of 10+ years in Southern California. Our story began when her oldest son started preschool. After searching for days looking for the perfect first backpack, Mary became frustrated with the options available on Amazon and other websites. Most looked too childish, too cheesy, or too cheap. The branded ones that were attractive were way above the price point she was willing to spend on a child's backpack. She just wanted something that looked stylish (to match his cute outfits), good quality (decent stitching and made of safe materials), be comfortable (more than just a thin strap to cushion his small body), and be the perfect size (big enough to fit standard-sized papers and folders yet not too big that it would feel overwhelming). I mean, was that too much to ask? Well, maybe not, but Mary wanted more options for parents that felt the same way. So, as teacher gone mompreneur, she decided to create her own. And the rest is history.
Although our company is tiny, we believe we are mighty. More than anything, we believe in what we stand for. It has been our mission since day one to always give back to the community and help those in need. As parents ourselves, children have always been our focal point, and as a teacher, Mary has always found ways to help young students. To date, we have donated a backpack for each one we sold. We've donated funds and food to charities and organizations that help children in our community. We believe we get what we give. And we will continue to look out for the little ones, because no matter what, this is all about them. And that is our promise. 
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